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Curator : Jens Hauser
FACT - Liverpool (UK)
02-03 - 2008


Artists :
Art Orienté objet, Maurice Benayoun, Zane Berzina, Critical Art Ensemble, Wim Delvoye, Olivier Goulet,
Eduardo Kac, Antal Lakner, Yann Marussich, Kira O’Reilly, Zbigniew Oksiuta, ORLAN, Philippe Rahm,
Julia Reodica, Stelarc, Jun Takita, The Office of Experiments, The Tissue Culture and Art Project, Sissel Tolaas, Paul Vanouse

SkinFlags at FACT

The synthetic SkinFlags in FACT's lobby recreate diffrent shades of skin colour, as pastiches of national flags that the artist stigmatizes as obsolete symbols of territorial order and colonial history. In Olivier Goulet's work the idea of human mutation and moulting stimulated by technological innovation relates to continuous political changes that affect the definition of borders and national identities. Flags as symbols of articial constructs contrast with the natural fusion and coexistence of different coloured skins. Olivier Goulet's SkinBags and other garnments, prototypes and second skin accessories that serve as holdalls for items we have around us, are on display 1-10 february, in the International Gallery.


Baisers protégés performance, le 9 fev. 2008     /    Protected kisses performance, the 9th feb. 2008

> SkinBag shop guests (slideshow)
> Catalogue d'expo / Catalog of exhibit
> sk-interfaces exhibition web site