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Olivier Goulet is a transmedia artist and performer. In the crossroads of activism and human design, he brings to light the unfinished aspect of our specie (Boxes of hominoid Insects 1998 ; Human Hunting Trophies since 1996), and imagines his mutation towards a form of cerebral network, achieving an optimal relational state. (The Relic of bionic man, 2001 ; Brain Rezos 2006 ; Conference « Getting over anthropomorphism », Sorbonne, Paris, 2006 ; TransCorporation 2010).

Since 2001, he develops SkinBag into a series of external organs made of synthetic skin, as a metaphorical fusion between organic and digital. The SkinBag clothes give a new form of nudity to our social body. This second skin defines the widened contours of the contemporary identities, including our clothes and communication extensions of all kinds


> Biography

> Sk-interfaces - Fabienne Stahl - 2007

> Gore + Chic = Very Chic - Chloé Delaume - UpStreet n°36 (2002)

> SkinBag Press Review

> SkinBag Press Release

> Human Hunting Trophy

> Territory Mail-Order Selling


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