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La Relique de l'Homme Bionique
The Relic of the Bionic Man

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The Relic of the Bionic Man presents a hominoid skeleton. This anonymous mutant seems consisted of several bodies. The increase of limbs and the insertion of synthetic prosthesis raise problem: is it a human being? a robot? or a monster?
This relic symbolizes the medical and biotechnological research to create substitution organs.

This contemporary relic plays on the ambivalence between the apology of the necessary mutation of the humanity, and the possible failure of the bionic experience.
We do not know if this "man" managed to migrate of his carnal body to a new support, or if the attempt of digital fusion came to a sudden end.

This piece is a kind of archaeology of future. A 3D reconstruction realized from the relic suggests the difficulties of the projection past / future.